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Basic Movement

BASIC MOVEMENT identifies to anyone who respects the old and embraces the new, loves the nostalgia and the novel. BASIC MOVEMENT  is a women’s ready to wear brand founded by Esme Palaganas. In an industry as change in its core, the brand name BASIC MOVEMENT is derived from the rapid and continual change of direction in style and design. Creating things that are practical but not pedestrian, BASIC MOVEMENT is a concept, a movement to create a heightened experience of daily life through fashion and product design.

Esme Palaganas
Born and raised in the province of Bulacan in 1993, Esme Palaganas earned a degree of BA Fashion Design and Merchandising at the School of Design of Arts, DLS – College of St. Benilde in Manila and graduated with honors in 2014. Her graduation collection defined her masculine-feminine approach to clothing with a playful approach to fabrication. ‘Annie, Annie, Annie’ — inspired by images of strong women and complexities of femininity, earned her a spot in Preview Magazine’s 10 Emerging Fashion Talent List and Mega Magazine’s New Designers to Watch Out For in 2014. Tapped by fashion incubator, SOMA Stores to showcase and sell her clothes; this lead Esme to launch her own brand, Basic Movement.
Esme debuted at Manila Fashion Festival in March 2015 with the collection, ‘A Letter to Jane’.

In September 2016, she was awarded a Special Recognition in Fashion Design at the 6th Philippine Fashion Ball with fellow contemporaries, and was listed as Best Young Designer brand in Metro Magazine’s Retail Awards 2016.

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