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  • LULU Skirt
  • 3,500

    PHP7-10 Working Days

Made out of light wash denim. This Lulu Denim Skirt has been tested and draped– unusual especially for our denim material. Features a front side slit, this LULU Skirt can be easily paired with your plain tshirts or your more frivolous tops.

  • Light Denim Skirt with front slit
  • Front Zipper
  • High Waisted



Waist     Length

XS         25″        24″

S          26 1/2″   24″

M           29″     24″

L             31″     24″

‘en fin de compte’ (when all is said and done) is the Spring Summer 2017 outing of ESME for Basic Movement. A collection that consists of opposites; lace, denim, tulle and embroidery — it celebrates the complexities of femininity through clothing that can easily be worn on the daily and formal occasions.


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